Top Reasons Form AP is a Step in the Right Direction

Posted by Alexa Foxon May 12, 2016

SEC Approves PCAOB, Form AP, on Disclosing Engagement Partner Name

PCAOB rules for disclosing the name of the engagement partner and information about other firms participating in audits have been approved by the SEC. Starting January 31, 2017, auditors will be required to fill out Form AP with the PCAOB disclosing all engagement partners working on public audits and information about other audit firms participating in the audit. This information will be searchable by engagement partner name, audit firm, or public company on a public database. 

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PCAOB: Disclosure of Engagement Partner & Audit Participants soon??

Posted by Teresa Comcaston December 4, 2013

We learned of this proposal today and we thought our readers would be interested. This change would have an inpact on the financial reporting requirements for all public companies. 

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Congress Passes PCAOB Prohibition on Mandatory Audit Rotation

Posted by Teresa Bockwoldton July 12, 2013


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PCAOB Open Meeting Re: 'Significant Unusual Transactions' Auditing Standards

Posted by Alex Roweon May 2, 2013

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has scheduled an open meeting for 9:30 am on Tuesday, May 7, to consider reproposal of auditing standard, related parties, and related amendments, including amendments regarding significant unusual transactions. 

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PCAOB Proposal: Mandatory Auditor Rotation

Posted by Alex Roweon April 24, 2013

An effort made by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to require companies to rotate their auditors is receiving an overall negative response from the community it would affect.

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