You benefit from lower costs and improvement in your compliance and internal controls efforts with Vibato Internal Control Consulting Services. Our experts become your advocates throughout the implementation, training, remediation & testing, and audit process to ensure your objectives are met on time and within budget.

Client Benefits

Internal Control Timeline

Save Time. Learn from process optimization and reengineering specialists to improve business efficiency. Our broad experience working with the Big Four and many regional auditors ensures you adopt proven, effective procedures. 


describe the imageSave Money. Tap expertise you need to minimize your compliance cost and effort. Our experts provide control implementations, employee training, and efficient internal control testing.


icon v50Improve Audit Management Efforts. Gain a knowledgeable advocate before, during, and after your audit. You benefit from our understanding of how to negotiate agreement and support from your auditors that leads to successful audits.


Procedural Risk ManagementImprove Risk Management Efforts. Get expert advice to ensure your financial risk assessment and risk management efforts are effective. We specialize in providing tools and guidance designed to mitigate risk through strong internal controls.


Services Offered