Vibato Internal Control Suite - Enterprise

In your enterprise's finance organization, most things are big. Not just the numbers but also the compliance headaches, fraud concerns, audit costs, and reporting requirements. The Vibato Internal Control Suite™- Enterprise is an internal control solution that can help you manage your internal control environment more efficiently. So you can stay focused on the big picture - and your return on investment. 

How You Will Benefit

  • Save time. Remove inefficiencies from your existing internal controls infrastructure to help your finance organization work faster. 

  • Save money. Get internal control software to lower your internal controls implementation, testing, and maintenance costs. Tighten internal control in the finance organization to prevent money from leaving your company through fraud or mistakes. 

  • Improve audit management efforts. Reduce the disruption and cost of your audit with an organized approach and audit-ready format.

  • Improve risk management efforts. Proactively manage your business risk to grow your company and avoid reporting errors. Strengthen your corporate culture around financial integrity. 

Key Features

The Foundation package includes:

  • Full Risk Assessment tool. Analyze year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter results for each subsidiary or location to determine risk. 

  • Multiple Process Cycles. Choose up to 150 controls, selected from the internal control matrix of best-practice controls, per location.  

  • Full Segregation of Duties tool. Analyze up to 930 potential conflicts.

  • Policies and procedures documents, attestation forms, and all other documentation needed to support your selected controls.

  • No integration with ERP systems required.

  • MS-Office based.

  • Intuitive approach accelerates implementation and ongoing internal control maintenance efforts. 

Ideal For...

The Vibato Internal Control Suite Enterprise Package is ideal for organizations with large internal control infrastructures (100+ controls) that may include multiple subsidiaries and/or physical locations. It is appropriate for larger public and private companies, pre-IPO companies, multi-national organizations, subsidiaries of larger multi-national companies, and larger nonprofit organizations with multiple locations who want to:

  • Proactively manage financial risks with a best-practice-based internal control environment.  

  • Protect the entity from financial reporting and compliance risks.

  • Reduce compliance and audit-related costs and effort with a comprehensive approach. 

  • Improve organizational effectiveness before or after a merger/acquisition, investment bid, or IPO. 

  • Strengthen the corporate culture around financial integrity. 

  • Optimize their existing internal control infrastructure to meet compliance, audit-related, and risk management/internal control pressures.

  • Provide financial transparency to investors, board members, donors, and vendors. 

  • Spend less time and money auditing internal controls.