Vibato Internal Control Suite - Foundation

Your CPAs keep talking about the importance of internal controls, but your small company does not have an internal audit department or the budget for a big consulting engagement. Get a complete, affordable internal controls system that will please your auditor – and take your business to the next level – with Vibato Internal Control Suite™ Foundation.

How You Will Benefit

      • Save time. Get a complete internal control system for your small business in days, not months.  
      • Save money. Everything needed to meet your internal controls needs - in an affordable, scalable package that does not require integration with your ERP system. 

      • Improve audit management efforts. Get the tools you need to instill an audit-oriented culture in your finance department. Lower the cost and disruption of preparing for your audit and keep your audit in-scope.  

      • Improve risk management efforts. Proactively manage your financial risk so you can grow your company. 

Key Features

The Foundation package includes:

  • Integrated Risk Assessment tool with year-over-year results and analysis capability.

  • One Process Cycle containing up to 30 controls selected from the internal control matrix of best-practice controls across all business areas.  

  • Integrated Segregation of Duties tool analyzing up to 304 potential conflicts.

  • Policies and procedures documents, attestation forms, and all other documentation needed to support your selected controls.

  • No integration with ERP systems required.

  • MS-Office based.

  • Intuitive approach accelerates implementation and maintenance efforts. 

Ideal For...

The Foundation package helps shell companies, startups, nonprofit organizations, and other small public or private companies:

      • Achieve SOX compliance before going public or crossing the accelerated filer threshold.

      • Improve competitive position before a merger or investment bid.

      • Provide financial transparency to stakeholders - investors, board members, customers, donors.

      • Strengthen corporate culture around financial integrity and the importance of internal controls.

      • Establish internal controls to prevent the fraud and mistakes that often plague small business.