Effective Internal Control for Private Companies

Did you know your external auditors review your internal controls based on auditing standards defined in SAS 104-115 (similar to Sarbanes-Oxley, section 404(a) for public companies). You need strong internal controls to prevent fraud and mistakes, provide stakeholders and potential investors with accurate financials, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

Meet your business objectives including:

  • Establishing greater confidence in the accuracy and transparency of financial reporting
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of internal finance operations
  • Detecting and eliminating fraud and abuse
  • Reducing your operating and capital investing expenses

How You Benefit

save money

Save Time: Get a comprehensive internal control system in days, not months. Help your entire company work faster by improving efficiency across finance transactions through standardized, best-practice procedures. Achieve SOX-compliance quickly in advance of a reverse merger or IPO.

save money

Save money: Prevent fraud and mistakes from taking money out of your company. Gain leverage in negotiating with lenders and investors to drive down the cost of capital. Lower insurance costs for Directors and Officers.

risk thermometer

Improve financial risk managment efforts: Systems of accountability reduce overall firm risk and address transaction and reporting inefficiencies. Give better financial reporting insight to executives, directors, and investment groups. Know your current risk environment before M&A or IPO activity.