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COSO 2013 Solution

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We offer a proven, easy to understand approach that comes with expert one-on-one guidance to ensure your success. This approach works for new or existing implementations to help reduce cost & effort.

Looking for COSO 2013, SSAE 16, or Internal Control Assistance?

Our Solution is:
Internal Control Procedures


Demonstrated audit success at companies from a diverse mix of industries. Clients have achieved significant reductions in existing control counts and ongoing effort while achieving compliance on a global scale.

COSO 2013


We walk you through industry best practices, by process, and we customize your procedures with you based on your Company objectives and goals. We offer consistent expectations and results. 

Standardized Procedures


Buy only what you need. Scale as you grow.

SSAE 16 Help


The Vibato solution includes everything needed to assess, document, and test, but most importantly, understand your internal control system and why your procedures may need to change to meet your audit requirements or how your procedures may be improved to save time and money.