Vibato Internal Control Suite - SMB

Your company is beyond the start-up phase. You've got opportunity. But also more risk. So you need to move faster but not lose control, especially in your finance department. Streamline and strengthen your financial reporting with Vibato Internal Control Suite™ - SMB.

How You Will Benefit

  • Save time. Remove inefficiencies from your existing internal controls infrastructure to help your finance department work faster. Quickly implement internal controls to become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. 

  • Save money. Get a streamlined approach to lower your internal controls implementation, testing, and maintenance costs. Tighten internal control in the finance department to prevent money from leaving your company through fraud or mistakes. 

  • Improve audit management efforts. Reduce the disruption and cost of your audit with an organized approach and audit-ready format.

  • Improve risk management efforts. Proactively manage your business risk so you can grow your company. Strengthen your corporate culture around financial integrity. 

Key Features

The SMB package includes:
  • Full Risk Assessment tool measuring both year-over-year results and analysis capability.

  • Multiple Process Cycles containing up to 60 controls selected from the internal control matrix of best-practice controls.

  • Full Segregation of Duties tool analyzing up to 930 potential conflicts.

  • Dashboard tool for tracking control status across multiple process areas.

  • Policies and procedures documents, attestation forms, and all other documentation needed to support your selected controls.

  • No integration with ERP systems required.

  • MS-Office based.

  • Intuitive approach accelerates implementation and maintenance efforts.

Ideal For...

The Vibato Internal Control Suite SMB Package is ideal for established companies, mid-sized public or private companies, and large nonprofit organizations who want to:

  • Optimize their existing internal control infrastructure to meet compliance, audit-related, and risk management/internal control pressures.

  • Improve their competitive position in advance of or after a significant change, such as M&A activity, a corporate turnaround, an IPO, or global expansion.

  • Provide financial transparency to investors, board members, donors, and vendors. 

  • Spend less time and money auditing internal controls.