Vibato Internal Control Framework

Our products are not for just large, medium, or small companies, they are for your size company. 

An effective internal control framework, today. Imagine that.

We believe that there are many conventional business practices that can be leveraged from company-to-company to save time and money on expensive consulting services. 

Accounting degrees and CPA licenses teach a universal skillset that can be leveraged in any organization and a good accountant should already know accounting basics such as how to write a check or post a journal entry. 

Since we already understand the basics and have pre-drafted the essential internal controls you will need to become compliant, we can focus our time on tailoring our best practice control language to meet your goals and discussing ideas for improvements. This allows us to complete the documentation effort in a fraction of time versus traditional interview techniques. 

We’ve spent the last 15 years creating and refining over 300 pre-drafted, best practice controls that have been vetted 100’s of times with all of the Big 4 accounting firms. Choose from our library of best-practice controls across 19 business areas.

Our internal control experts interview your team and document in real-time your objectives, components, principles, risks, controls, narrative language, etc. to ensure you are left with a complete package that is ready to used and ready to be presented to your external auditors. This also includes:

  • Real-time training on the controls concepts & discussing why various controls should be considered
  • Providing insight as to how your procedures could be improved to meet best practices

The Vibato Internal Control Suite offers a modular approach that can scale as your grow.

We help you select only the controls or processes you need to achieve your goals.

How You Will Benefit

      • Save time. There is no need to spend months developing control language or supporting documentation. Instead, choose best practice controls within our internal control framework, that has been proven to address the requirements of the Big 4 and many large regional audit firms. 
      • Save money. Our best practice internal controls are designed to prevent against costly fraud and mistakes. You'll also notice improvements in efficiency, another way to save money.  
      • Improve audit efforts. Your internal controls audit will be less disruptive once the auditor-vetted Vibato internal controls are in place. 
      • Improve risk management efforts. Mitigate your financial risks with internal controls that are proven to be effective and auditor-approved. 

Key Features

Our internal control matrices provide effective internal controls across 19 business process areas. The control language can be tailored for your unique needs, or implemented "out of the box". The control framework includes the following integrated features:

Control matrix
  • Displays control vs. risk mapping

  • Best practice control concept

  • Your procedural approach (equivalent to traditional narrative)

  • Control status

  • Implementation/remediation date

  • Prevent/Detect selection

  • Auto/manual selection

Control Matrix

Attestation Form - Supports SOX Sections 302 and 906
    • Includes applicable controls and standardized questions on fraud, FCPA, etc.
    • Designed to be completed by each process owner and submitted to CFO as support for quarterly/annual attestations.

Walkthrough Analysis
    • Used to perform an initial test of each control

Sample Sizes Chart
    • Displays required number of samples for testing based on auditor selection of frequency of the control

Provided by Client (PBC) Tracking and Summary
    • Used to document sample requests and track status of delivery to accelerate sample collection effort

Summary of Aggregated Deficiencies (SAD)
    • Provides audit trail for failed/deficient controls found during testing and includes analysis to help determine level of severity and financial impact

Testing Templates with Pre-Populated Test Plans
    • Used to accelerate testing effort and capture all information related to controls testing in one place for easy audit review

Control Status Dashboard
    • Tracks status of control implementation and testing and provides estimates on level of completion and probability of passing audit