Customer Testimonials

"We chose Vibato because of their respective cost-effective and efficient solutions and solid track record and expect [them] to help us cultivate our corporate infrastructure during this critical development stage," said Daniel Carlson, Chief Financial Officer of Colombia Clean Power & Fuels.

"Vibato offers an ideal solution for establishing comprehensive internal control procedures as they deliver everything needed for quick implementation and smooth operation."

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"Our previous experience with SOX had been a disappointment, with six consultants providing an onerous set of documentation that was designed for manufacturing and not mining," said J. Roland Vetter, chief financial officer of Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc.  "But our experience with Vibato could not have been better. They actually got our accounting staff to look forward to working on SOX-related activities again, and we are counting on them to support our SOX testing and expansion efforts as we grow."


"As a technology company focused on revolutionizing the energy industry, we are always striving to minimize our ongoing business costs while maintaining all necessary compliance requirements as a public company with outside investors," said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO & President of OriginOil, Inc. "We found Vibato’s approach to be revolutionary in its own right, and the Company’s insistent focus on cost-effective value delivery really impressed us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to put solid internal controls in place quickly, and for a fraction of the cost and time of alternative methods."

Origin Oil

"We wanted a revamp of our internal control environment with a focus on controls reduction and an integrated environment by having more direct and precise controls. We were very impressed with the efficiency and scalability of Vibato’s approach, especially considering our business complexity,” said Jonathan Erickson, Chief Financial Officer of iMergent, Inc.  “The significant reduction in controls from 339 down to 107, combined with the integrated testing capabilities, will allow us to be more efficient in our processes and testing. This is a great example of Vibato’s value-driven focus and commitment to customer success."

"I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of your product and the ability to implement it in less than a week!- Jeff Jarvie, Controller, iMergent, Inc.

iMergent - Internal Controls Project

 "We didn't have a dedicated budget to complete our SOX compliance but as a small public company that was going to be an accelerated filer by our next year-end, we knew we had to figure something out quickly that would allow us to comply with the full SOX 404 requirements.  Vibato had a solution for us that cost less than $6,000, which was significantly less expensive than anything else we had seen in the market.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cost-effective and scalable solution."- Bob Ogden, CFO, Omni Bio Pharmaceutical, Inc.

OmniBio Pharmaceuticals

 "Working with Vibato has allowed us to focus on reducing the costs associated with the ever-challenging Sarbanes-Oxley compliance regulations," said Margaret Randazzo, CFO, Akeena Solar, Inc.  "As a public company, it is important that we use a tool like SOX Compliance Made Simple, as it allows us to efficiently manage the internal controls processes and external audits.  Thus far, we've reduced our costs by over 75% on our SOX preparations and ongoing maintenance.  In addition, we are already seeing a positive peek into the expected ROI - we expect to save more than this next year, which is huge for a company of our size and a great example of improving shareholder value!"

Akeena Solar

 "Our company was growing rapidly and we learned late in our fiscal year that we would be subjected to a full SOX 404 audit by our external auditors.  Vibato helped us get everything done quickly and worked with our team to put everything in place to ensure we were ready to go.  Their approach is the most cost-effective and efficient that I have seen and they did the entire project at a fraction of the cost of competing alternatives.  We were thrilled with the results and I am very impressed with their unique approach."- Brandon O'Brien, CFO, ZAGG Inc.


 "When we used SCMS I was very impressed by how painless and effective the process was," said Jeff Winzeler, chief financial officer, Solar Power Inc.  "We were up and running in a few days, and expect to save more than $100K per year on our ongoing compliance costs through reductions in audit fees.  Our internal control infrastructure was documented cost-effectively and efficiently, allowing for greater transparency while streamlining internal activities.  Vibato has really delivered a strong ROI for us by making a complex, time-consuming process a simple and effective one."

Solar Power

 Vibato came into an extraordinarily difficult SOX situation at VaxGen and literally worked miracles. Vibato is extraordinarily productive, tenacious and dedicated. We called them "the bulldog" for a while, due to their determination and perseverance in overcoming all obstacles. I would and have recommended them to anyone with SOX issues to overcome and would not hesitate to use them again given the chance.- Matt Pfeffer, CFO, VaxGen, Inc.


 "Vibato's work can be characterized most by the terms effectiveness and efficiency. They were a valuable addition to our team and aided, in a large measure, the advancement of our process discovery and reengineering efforts. Their productivity set a new standard for our team and their efforts made a lasting contribution."- John Pearl, IT Manager, IPIX


 "It was my pleasure to work with Vibato. Our company hired them as a consultant to help us to streamline our business processes and build our internal control procedures. Within a very short period of time, Vibato had interviewed a lot of people in the company and provided a detailed flow chart for each department/ business process. The recommendations were presented to each department and the process improvement plans have been developed. Vibato is very professional and experienced. Vibato also demonstrated excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills."- Shelley Chen, Accounting Manager, OVISO Manufacturing

Oviso Engineering

 "We are very pleased with Vibato’s commitment to our success and the value they deliver through their software-based approach," said Gerald DeCiccio, Chief Financial Officer of Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA, Inc.  "They helped us instill the process understanding and discipline necessary to prepare us for our growth plans, in a very cost-effective manner, and performed valuable client advocacy services with our auditors on our behalf."

"Vibato’s best-practice approach enabled us to establish a robust system of internal controls in a very efficient manner across our 8 locations in the United States and China. They delivered the onsite implementation, training, and documentation expertise we needed to very quickly, effectively, and efficiently address our compliance and reporting needs that allowed for more consistent and streamlined procedures in China and a faster consolidation in the United States. Teresa Bockwoldt is a great consultant, responsible, knowledgeable, diligent and instructive. This was a great experience." Jimmy Wang, Director and Former CEO, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA, Inc.                  

"Vibato 的最佳 实践方法能使我们在美中 8 个不同地点的 总部和分公司以极其有效的手段建立起一套健康的内控体系。Vibato 公司的 专业人员在现场对我们的人员传授非常实用的文件控制的经验並且进行培训和现场实施,以使我们在美中两地的机构很快地,有效地以及在成本很低廉的情况下掌握了在遵守证卷法规和文件披漏方面应有的程序。这些训练能使我们的中国机构掌握了比较一致的程序从而能使我们美国总部迅速地完成综合财务报表。Teresa Bockwoldt 是一位极其出色的咨询顾问。她不仅付责任和知识全面而且非常勤快也很会教人。与她合作是一种难忘的经历。"王勇 董事及前执行长 美国环球能源实业有限公司

Worldwide Energy