The Economic Benefits of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?: Evidence From a Natural Experiment

Posted by Bill Bockwoldton January 18, 2011

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Accounting Tip of the Day: How to Get Ahead of Your Workload

Posted by Bill Bockwoldton January 14, 2011

The only way to get ahead of your accounting department's workload is to document your internal procedures and build your organization in a way that would allow for it to operate without you.  Now, a lot of people may be asking, "if I did that, what would the company need me for?"  That is just the kind of thinking that is holding you back.  On the contrary, if your organization is dependent on you, then it is also limited by your abilities and availability which may be why you are currently working so much and watching your personal life go by out of the window of your office.  Read the book "The E-Myth Revisited."  The accounting department is the transaction hub of any organization and it is essential that it operates as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure the ability of your company to scale. Work hard on bridging the gaps between tribal knowledge and global, world-class thinking…and then you may be able to go play a little!  

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Internal Controls Tools Suite That Can Ease The Management Of Your Accounting & Financial Reporting

Posted by Bill Bockwoldton January 6, 2011

Have you ever wondered how internal controls can benefit your accounting and financial reporting systems? Have you been worrying excessively, recently, concerning the upcoming audit of your company and possible conflicting situations that could arise? Certainly, for a firm in the 21st century proper accounting management is one of the most vital issues, and that's why smaller companies with limited staff resources in this field should make use of up to date technologies to take care of this.  See more via this

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Law Firms Dodd-Frank And Community Banks - Cost Burdens Of Compliance And Litigation Will Make It More Difficult To Speed Recov

Posted by Bill Bockwoldton January 5, 2011

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