What does Chobani Yogurt & Sarbanes-Oxley / COSO 2013 have in common?

Posted by Teresa Bockwoldt on September 9, 2013

Surprisingly a lot actually – even considering Chobani is a private company!

The recent Chobani yogurt recall is an excellent lesson on one of the new COSO 2013 standards due in 2014 (we know, COSO 2013 isn’t due until 2014 which is VERY confusing in just how it is named).

One of the new COSO 2013 requirements includes the need to have a dedicated internal control over monitoring online chatter about your products since this could be an early indication of a product recall need. In Chobani’s case, customers first complained about ‘bloated tops, funky smells and runny consistency’ via the yogurt companies Facebook page. Although a formal recall has not been issued, Chobani is voluntarily recalling all cups with the code 16-012 and dated between 9/11/2013 – 10/7/2013. Once I learned of the recall, I immediately looked at our Chobani cups in the refrigerator only to find one with a bloated top and code 16-012…we at the Vibato offices may have avoided getting mildly ill and the Chobani company gets high marks for taking quick action to correct a problem they didn’t initially find.

Again, this is an excellent example of why companies should monitor online complaints about their products and how COSO 2013 is changing with the times.


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