Accounting Tip of the Day! Secure Network Solution

Posted by Alex Rowe on March 18, 2013

Accounting Tip of the Day!

External Network Access Tip:

At times, external users may need to access your secure network (think onsite auditors who may need to use a printer or the like). This presents a Sarbanes-Oxley COBIT compliance problem as well as introducing your network to the potential hazards of a virus or a computer without a firewall. Since it can be very difficult to keep track of internal vs. external devices on your network on a day-to-day basis, we at Vibato and have come up with a nice solution to help mitigate the risk while providing a solution for companies with limited staff to help manage this problem. 

1) Utilize a log that tracks each time an external user is granted access
2) Require the external user to sign an agreement confirming that they have current anti-virus definitions running on their device as well as an active firewall
3) Require the external user to confirm that they will abide by their contract (which usually stipulates clauses around confidentiality), conduct requirements, usage policies, etc. 

We will have an “External Network Access Package” available for download on 4/1/2013 with the launch of so check back with us soon or send us your contact information and we will notify you when it is published!

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