Internal Controls/Procedures Sub Certification Available in Mandarin

Posted by Teresa Bockwoldt on March 12, 2010

We are delighted to start offering our SOX Compliance Made Simple® Toolset in other languages.  To start with, we have a nice Section 404, sub-certification sheet available for free download with registration.  Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Please answer the following questions to support this confirmation for your process:

 Comments (as needed)

Have you reviewed the process narrative and informed management of any updates required?你是否有查看过过程叙述文字并将所有需要的更新资料通知管理层?  
Does this process have open control deficiencies from prior periods?
Have deficiencies been identified this quarter in this process (see the exceptions tab)?
Are action plans in place for all deficiencies identified?

Register by clicking on the button below or completing the form at the top of this page on the right side to receive this document.


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