Accounting Tip of the Day: Because we're human....

Posted by Bill Bockwoldt on November 15, 2010

Use a month-end or quarter-end (at least) close checklist.  It is shocking how many people believe they'll remember everything they do each month but the truth is, we're human, we become sick, we get tired, and inevitably, we forget.  If someone reading this blog post isn't using a close checklist, take 3 minutes and start writing down everything you can remember that you do each month.  You will probably shock yourself at how long the list will get very quickly.  To this end, save yourself heartache, headache and embarrassment and create a list and check it each month as you get through your close.  Writing things down in this manner will also allow you to delegate better which could in the end help your stress level!

If you do not have a close checklist template or would like to start with one that is already created, send me an email and I’ll send you a terrific example complimentary.

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