Bay Area Accounting Mixer
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Who Should Attend
CEOs, CFOs, BOD-Audit Committee Members, accountants, CPA’s, bookkeepers, accounting/finance professionals or students, external/internal auditors, or anyone interested in internal control and fraud prevention education.
Course Material
Course materials will be made available the day of the event in hard and soft copy. Materials may also be obtained via e-mail from

Learning Objectives Learning stations
Fraud and Internal Controls:
1.	Learn about some common fraud techniques and how to identify signs of fraud within financial reporting. 
2.	Understand how to categorize risks at the financial statement account level. 
3.	Understand how to map financial statement risks to internal control procedures. 
4.	Understand how to identify and resolve common segregation conflicts. 

Information Technology:
5.	Learn how small initial IT investments can help with future compliance and information/intellectual property security. 

6.	Learn about best practices in accounting and operating strategies for fundraising techniques. 
7.	Learn how and why you should produce high quality non-profit financial statements. 

External Audit:
8.	Learn what external auditors look for during external audits. 
9.	Learn what you can do to have an effective audit. 
10.	Define the steps in a typical financial audit cycle.

Earn up to 5 CPE credits
Each speaker will inform participants of the NASBA attendance requirements at the state of each session. Each learning station will require participants to sign-in (name & time). Each session will be monitored and group live participants who arrive late or leave early will not receive full CPE credits. 

Participants will be provided with: 
-Arrival Kit that includes CPE credit sheet & a course evaluation sheet for each session. 
-The CPE credit sheet will be stamped by an event employee each time a full learning session is completed. 
-The course evaluation sheet must be completed for each session to receive full CPE credits.

Event employees will tally the final CPE hours earned and collect all required forms. CPE certificates will be provided at the end of the event. 

Additional Information: 
Program level: basic 
Delivery method: Group live 
Advanced preparation: none
Prerequisite: none
Registration Information The fee for this event is as follows
-Early bird registration $59.00 USD – Regular Registration $79.00 USD
There are 3 ways to register
1.	Register online by clicking here 2. Call Vibato at 1-888-4-Vibato 3. E-mail

Contact Information For more information regarding program cancellation or compliant policies, please contact 
Refund Cancellation policy You must pre-register for this event. You may cancel up to August 1, 2013 to receive a full refund. 

Vibato is registered with the national association of state boards of accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing education on the national registry of CPE sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the national registry of CPE sponsors through its website: 
Bay Area Accounting Professionals Mixer Saturday, August 24th, 2013 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm Key note speaker Sam Antar from Crazy Eddie is flying in from New York to discuss how to detect and prevent against White Collar Crime. “It takes one to know one.” Get inside the mind of one of the most notorious fraudsters of his time. Antar now works closely with the FBI, IRS, SEC, and DOJ to train on white collar crime identification. Engaging workshops on Risk Assessment: perform and actual risk assessment using your own data. Segregation of duties analysis: 930-point analysis of your staff to identify and resolve conflicts.
Earn up to 5 CPE credit Industry professionals speaking on how to prep for a clean external audit Intellectual property protection How to account for creative fundraising activities Strategic it for small business Value of non-profit financial statements and more. Sheraton Sonoma County 745 Baywood Drive Petaluma CA 94954 External audit station lead by CPAs Paul Skeen and Mark Anderson Hansen, Barnett & Maxwell P.C. “Surviving your first financial” practical advice on surviving your first audit. “Seasoned Auditee?” how to make the audit less painful and more affordable. Info tech station lead by Trevor Hicks, PMP, CISSP, CISM holistic it professional “Strategic IT from small business” learn how early investments can help small business reduce the cost of future compliance. “Info security for the small business” learn how small businesses can protect intellectual property for under $100. Non-profit talks lead by Christina Hollingsowrth, CPA Dillwood Burkel & Millar, LLP
“One step ahead of creative fundraising” Learn about best-practices in accounting operating strategies for fundraising activities. “Value of financial statements in the non-profit world” why non-profits should look into having high quality financial statements. Workshops* lead by Teresa Bockwoldt, MS Taxation, MBA CIO & Co-Founder of Vibato LLC “Financial risk assessment” perform and actual risk assessment using your own data to determine your low, medium, & high risks “Segregation of duties analysis” perform an actual 930-point analysis of your staff’s activities to asses your conflicts & how to resolve Key note speaker: Sam Antar on the black arts of white collar crime how criminals charm & seduce their victims to line their own pockets. Sam Antar was the CFO of Crazy Eddie and helped mastermind one of the biggest securities frauds of the 1980’s. Antar avoided jail time only by cooperating with the FBI & SEC.
He will discuss the details of his case, emphasizing how fraudsters take advantage of psychological and cognitive vulnerabilities of gatekeepers such as attorneys and accountants and victims such as investors and creditors. In addition he will discuss his current work as independent whistleblower and white collar crime analyst.
Raffle Drawing enter for a change to win risk assessment software, segregation of duties software, custom computer bags, t-shirts, USB keys, and gift cards. *Workshop note: a limited number of workstations will be available for the risk assessment & sod learning sessions. There is no additional cost for the workshops but pre-registration is required. Please contact Vibato, LLC at or at 415-240-4867 x 2700 to reserve your space or for more information.
Speaker Bios
Sam Antar 
Convicted felon, former CPA, former CFO Crazy Eddie
White Collar Crime Consultant & independent whistleblower Linkedin
During the 1980’s Antar helped mastermind one of the largest securities frauds of its time through Crazy Eddie, Inc. The company was coined by US attorney Michael Chertoff as “The Darth Vader of Capitalism.” Antar served as the government’s key witness in both the criminal and civil prosecutions. 
“I believe that acceptance of one’s personal responsibility for past actions must be accompanied by corrective action and not include exploitation for personal gain. I believe that former criminals like me must do more that just express regret for our crimes and pay whatever punishment society imposes on us. I believe that it is our obligation and responsibility to educate society, so that society can avoid future perils caused by new generations of criminals.”
Teresa Bockwoldt M.S. Taxation, MBA CIO & Co-Founder of Vibato, LLC Inventor of Internal Controls Made Simple Linkedin
Teresa Bockwoldt is a 404/Sarbanes-Oxley subject matter expert and built the firms 404 and internal audit practice. She has served as a technical advisor and senior project manager in over 100 sox implementations for both finance and IT ranging from pre-IPO start-ups, to first year filers, to fortune 20 companies. In this regard, she is a leader in spearheading the development of Vibato’s internal audit and 404 practice deliverables. Mrs. Bockwoldt has worked as external audit for Pricewaterhousecooper’s and has obtained a sox-sigma certification through McKesson Corporation.
Trevor Hicks PMP, CISSP, CISM Holistic IT Professional From the Cast of Reality Series “Dell Battle IT” LinkedIn
Trevor Hicks is a hands-on IT professional certified in project management and information security. During his 13 years in IT he has been formally recognized by employers for outstanding work in technology deployments, regulatory compliance and relocating data centers. Trevor specializes in IT management, disaster preparedness and network defense for small businesses. In 2013, Trevor was featured on Dell and Microsoft’s technology reality-show, ‘Battle IT.’ He is passionate about extracting value and increasing operational efficiency of small IT groups. He is an information evangelist and active member of the ISC2 chapter in San Francisco.

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